Indomus is a curated, private-members marketplace for beta-testing, supporting, incubating and distributing best-in-class, high-quality, compliance-ready cannabis-related goods and services to adults and patients, who are seeking exceptional value, self-sovereign control of preventative healthcare solutions and, most importantly, personal enjoyment and functional wellness in the sanctity of their home, private clubhouse or social lounge.

On behalf of Indomus Members, our founders, community connoisseurs and suppliers work together to curate the finest, lab-certifiable, cannabis goods available from cultivators, culinary and extraction artisans, health care product makers, processors and ancillary goods and services providers. Everyone in the mix benefits and shares an equitable portion of the flow of commerce, acting as a market-shared economy.


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If you are interested in participating in Indomus in any way, we look forward to discussing the opportunities ahead for all of us.

Indomus is an open source, co-operation shared economy. This means that everyone is a Member – buyers, sellers, and administrators. Everyone has one vote concerning member’s rights, marketplace matters, and is eligible for a share of the flow of commerce and returns, based on their participation as an Indomus Member.

Indomus is a localized, community-centric model, managed on a regional basis, with the marketplace influence, buying power and impact of a national brand.

You must be of legal age to enjoy, thank you.

We are opening our beta membership registry Nov 1st — of course, you may dabble in our Market beforehand.

Hope to see you on the inside.

To reserve your registry account and/or get more information about this initiative, please connect with us through the Contact door.


Inside the Ropes

Indomus co-founders have been working together for 20+ years, pioneering new products into break-through markets, with innovative distribution channels, applying unique engagement marketing and promotion. Our work is always about empowering the individual — as a consumer or patient, an entrepreneur, a citizen, — as someone’s loved one, where no harm comes to anyone — creating a civil, fair and just society.

We have helped develop products, markets and channels in the food, beverage, wine, medical and craft cannabis, health care and technology sectors over the course of our respective careers together. You can connect with us and learn more through the contact door, thank you.

Indomus Membership Mission, Value and Benefits

Our intent is to introduce exceptional products at exceptional prices, so you may experiment and find what works best for you, securely delivered to you in the privacy of your own home.

All Indomus supplier products are craft, small-batch, artisanal and compliance-ready to the most exact industry standards. Technology, devices and appliances are innovative and break-out.

The Indomus shared funding pool contributes 15% of the wholesale markup, in the form of loans, to support our suppliers’ readiness.

As an Indomus Member, you have an opportunity to support best-in-class legacy artisans, who are preparing to introduce their goods and services into the rapidly-evolving regulatory marketplace of the cannabis economy.

Through your support and feedback directly with our suppliers, who are also Members — by beta-testing/tasting/enjoying their products, by receiving shared returns from the funding pool, by attending private-reserve, in-home events and by realizing enhanced personal well-being, you will enjoy the benefits of a true private membership in a market-shared economy.

Members receive an evergreen discount of 25-35% off the supplier’s suggested retail. This price is shown with the product listings and applied at checkout.

Please connect with us here for more information and to inquire about our Private Member Registry and Reserve Programs.